My Job Is Awesome!

The best part about owning a staging company in Houston is all the great people I get to meet and work with. Real Estate investors are some of the most interesting personalities in Houston.

I love meeting people who have the courage to expand themselves daily, and these are the kinds of people you meet in this business. A lot of these people have great rags to riches stories to tell you, and I think that Houston is becoming known for attracting entrepreneurs from all over the country…due largely in part to our real estate market. The best real estate investors I meet generally don’t even see it as taking a risk. They have analyzed all the numbers so extensively that the bigger risk is not doing the deal. These kind of investors make the whole process look easy.

Top Houston Real Estate InvestorThey have an entrepreneurial spirit like you wouldn’t believe. One such investor is Alan Hernandez of White Picket Realty. The story of Alan and his family is the true American Dream, from being raised by a single mother to one of the top Real Estate deal makers in the Houston Area.

I loved working with Alan so much that I recommended him to my brother and he helped my brother purchase his 2nd home in Houston. Not only does Alan help Investors, but he also invests personally; flipping, and building an impressive rental portfolio.

Another client of mine is an internet entrepreneur. I still can’t figure out how he makes a living, but man does he live comfortably. When I ask him how his business works he just says, “I help people make money on the internet.” Which, I guess, is logical enough, since I could really just tell people, “I help people make money in Real Estate.” And that really is what home stagers do; we help investors sell their property faster and at a higher price.

Anyway, this particular client was so pleased with his staging experience that he promised me that his company would do some internet marketing for me. Then he sent me this video and said, “I’m going to help your business out with some video marketing efforts…YouTube is the next big thing in local marketing.”

Here’s the Staging Company in Houston Video that he sent me.

It’s really cool that a client would do that for me.

I hope you guys have a great week. I’m off to do a stage near Midtown.


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