Museum District House Stage

This project was a blast. I love working in the contemporary Museum District. It really gives me a chance to let my imagination flow as a designer. This multi-level home was located on 2510 Hazard Street and the house had 4 flights of stairs.

Can you imagine carrying all of this beautiful furniture up and down 4 flights of stairs…Home Staging for Houston made it look easy.

houston home stager 3

I love when a home is flooded with natural light. This one was open and airy and made my job as a stager so much fun.

houston home stager 6

This is roof top living at it’s finest. I really wanted to make the actual outdoor space the star here and staging this area was really just a matter of allowing the prospective buyers to see themselves living the Houston High Life on this deck. Check out the Downtown Skyline in the Background. Did you know the JPMorgan Chase Building is the tallest Downtown Houston Skyscraper?houston home stager 7

Bathrooms can be tricky. This one was easy. Look at that glass sink. It’s amaaaazing! I love it.houston home stager 8

Everyone wants a nice open kitchen these days. The earth tones in the cabinets and flooring go very well with the staging accents I provided. Buyers marveled at this space. Can’t you just see yourself standing at the stovetop/island and stealing a few quick glances at the TV while you are cooking?houston home stager 9 houston home stager 10

Master Bedroom above and Master Bath below. I’d never purchase a 4 story house, but I know that if I did, this one would be a great candidate in one of the most fun parts of Houston, TX.houston home stager 11 houston home stager 12

It’s always a challenge to stage these little nooks. The key is to declutter and allow the buyer to walk in and have a seat, at which time they start dreaming about what life would be like if they owned this beautiful home.

I hope you absolutely loved this Museum District Houston Home Stage. It was a great experience for me.


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